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Andree's Essential Soaps were created out of a personal necessity: to provide gentle cleansing with healthy natural cosmetics for my mom's dry, sensitive skin. After being treated for cancer, Parkinson's, and glaucoma, my mom's skin became easily irritated by the over-the-counter detergent, animal fat, petroleum-based soaps and moisturizers. An unproductive exhaustive search for products free of these irritants dictated my next action: Formulate and create what you cannot find.

Andree Terry has earned multiple degrees and been awarded numerous fields of certification from the University of Georgia and has studied the origin of cosmetics on site in Europe and Africa. In 2004 Andree was also diagnosed with cancer and now has first hand experience with skin changes that can occur during chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Andree is a featured speaker for lymphedema and cancer support groups and a frequent guest on television programs regarding women's health issues. Andree has also been featured in OnlineAthens.com. Click here to read what they had to say. For more testimonials, click here!

In addition to her shop in Athens, Georgia, Andree's Essential Soaps are recommended by and/or used by the following hospitals and cancer care centers:

Available Locations

Walter Reed Cancer Center, Washington, DCSiskin Hospital Lymphedema Services, Chattanooga, TN

St. Mary's Breast Cancer Resource Center, Athens, GA

Athens Regional Medical Center Lymphedema Services, Athens, GA

Loran Smith Cancer Care Center, Athens, GA

Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

H Clay Evans Cancer Care Center at Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

Erlanger Hospital Breast Cancer Resource Center, Chattanooga, TN

Bee Global, Robbinsville, NC


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