We love to get feedback from our customers. We appreciate and encourage feedback in order to better serve you. Below we’ve shared a few comments from our many satisfied customers. Enjoy.


Our daughter was so excited to get a special shampoo soap for her hair. Since the chemo she had had real problems with static and and tangles, but with the herbal shampoo bar her hair is not only thicker but nice and straight and is easy to comb out.This is a first since before the chemo...thank you so much! She is so very happy! N.B. Portland, Indiana

Your shampoo bar is the best I have ever used.I have always wondered why shampoo had to be in a liquid form; you have a breakthrough product. Just don't run out when my supply is low! RC Athens, GA


Please use me as an example of a loyal user. I had some crazy skin problem that made my skin crack so bad it would bleed. The prescription didn't work, but I have been using your soap since Christmas and I have not had any more problems. I couldn't be happier! KD, Jackson, WY

I just received two bars of your soap as a gift and I think I am in love! I have very dry skin and this is just wonderful...thick, creamy and luscious. I feel like I put moisturizer on...RL, Perdergrass, GA

While traveling I bought a bar of a world famous soap in France and used it for a couple of weeks...my skin started flaking...This world famous soap is clearly inferior to Andree's Essentials! RH, Atlanta, GA


PLEASE send me as much body creme as you can ship! I love the almond but any fragrance is good. I am almost out of the unscented- I LOVE the body creme! I love the soaps also!! I panic when I am down to two or three bars- please don't stop making these products!
CKB Chattanooga, TN


I have been using the brown sugar scrub for over a year. As someone with dry skin, I can tell right away if I don't use it on my legs and upper arms- those horrible dry skin bumps appear almost overnight. In the winter it soothes and leaves a wonderful layer of emollients on my skin to protect it. In the summer, it refreshes and invigorates.
SB, Athens, GA

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