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FRESH ORANGE is a delicious sweet orange that holds up beautifully in soap unlike orange essential oil. FP 125 so FRESH ORANGE must ship UPS. Love foaming bath salts? Try the orange as a break from other citrus scents. HEAVENLY!!! For soap FRESH ORANGE is best for Hot Process or MP unless you are a very experienced CP soaper and very familiar with an INSTANT hot gel and VERY accelerated trace....
***BLENDING NOTES***FRESH ORANGE is also useful as a blender and modifier for our own CHOCOLATE, VANILLA BEAN or PATCHOULI.
Half FRESH ORANGE blended with half VANILLA BEAN is one of my personal favorites in soy wax candles. For a winter spiced punch scent combine FRESH ORANGE with SENSUAL SPICE and VANILLA BEAN. Remember adding FRESH ORANGE to any blend will GREATLY SPEED the soaping process in CP even if your oils are cold and lye solution cool. Some soapers call it "soap on a stick" for that reason... sizes over one ounce SHIP UPS GROUND only.

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