Almond and Oatmeal


Finely ground organic oatmeal and our original marzipan aroma almond skin safe perfume oil is added to Andree's natural cold pressed oil and butter soap recipe. As one of our original soap fragrances from 1996, this bar is celebrating its tenth birthday with Andree's...arrives in its natural light brown color.

Andree's Perfume Oil Soaps contain the highest quality hand-blended skin-safe fragrances personally designed and formulated by Andree herself. A perfumer with over ten years experience, Andree has selected each of the Perfume Oil Soaps in order to guarantee a variety of fragrances that will meet the demands of any mood or season. All soaps contain cold pressed oils of olive, rice bran, palm and coconut with the specific perfume oils and other skin-safe ingredients as noted.

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